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I am Emanuel do Carmo.

Degree in Design (pre-Bologna), by the Faculty of Architecture of the UTL. Was born in Coimbra on May 22, 1981.

Investigates and develops projects in the areas of product design, graphic, web, interface design, and photography. He sees design as a diferencial tool, in the idea, process or product. Constantly learning, has good notions of organization, methodology, and teamwork. Teaches classes in artistic expression, did survey work and rendering of architecture, among others. Did a international seminar in architecture, design and astrology that was published in a seminar in Liverpool.

When he's not working, follows what's new in technology, blogs or new softwares. Enjoys listening to music, reading, cycling and practice snorkling and he's trying to learn bass. In photography he's an amateur but explores it with dedication.


Web Design

Websites and App development

Logo Design

Logo, stationary and branding

Product Design

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This are some of my computer skills with the most used programs. Also i work with 3D software | autocad, solidworks, rhinoceros, 3dsmax. 2D software | photoshop, illustrator, in-design, coreldraw, fireworks, sketch book, freehand. Web software | dreamweaver, flash, microsoft blend, CMS

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop



This is MONTI A website release celebration gift, for all the 4500 workers of the Montepio Geral bank to have at their work desk.

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Fit in A4 envelope Low ...
This is MONTI A ...

Website for the Quermesse Restaurant and Art Gallery in Lisbon.

Developed in a CMS, it's fully responsive for mobile devices.

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Donec purus nibh, commodo ac ...

Website for the Quermesse ...

Logo and website for Medicamentes company.

Developed in Microsoft Blend with Silverlight

Logo and website for ...

Professional Music Solutions.

A recording studio in Lisbon center. Developed in a Content Managment System, it's fully responsive. The Studio photos and logo are also my own.

Professional Music ...

Website for a travel company.

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[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#666" color="#666" title="Snow Evolution"] Not for the simple tourist. [/quote]

Developed in HTML, its ...

Website for a travel ...

Website and logo for a Hotel in Algarve.

Developed in XAML, Microsoft Blend and Silverlight.

Website and logo for a ...

Logo and website for Medicamentes company.

Software |


Logo and website for ...

Official Miss CPLP website.

This is the Miss Comunidade de Países de Língua Portuguesa website. Developed in CMS, it's fully responsive for mobile divices.


Work experience

  • 2005 - Now


    Freelance Designer

    Developing projects in web, graphic and product design. Some of my clients includes: Slide In Travel, C.T. Montepio, SISPS, MISS CPLP.

  • 2010 - 2011


    Web, Graphics and Software Interface Design @ SISPS 

    Software UX and UI designer. Graphic, print and web designer.

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  • 2007 - 2010


    Graphic designer @ The Leading Travel Consultants

    Worked as a graphic designer, in branding, print and company communication 

  • 2005 - 2006


    Graphic designer @ PlanetViagens

    Worked as a graphic designer, in branding and print. Magazines and company communication.

Education Experience

  • 2009


    Web Developer in Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash

    Level 3 Formation at A-PR Consultores Associados, Lda. (Curso UFCD 792)

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  • 2008



    Arq. Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa (5 year)

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  • 1991 - Now


    Software Experience

    Graphic | Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

    3D | AutoCAD, 3DStudio, Solidworks, Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Blender

    Web | Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Blend, Content Management Systems like Joomla, and coding in HTML, CSS, XAML.

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